The Oleificio (olive mill)

The Oleificio D'Ovidio has been producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil for three generations. It is processed with great care and attention ensuring the qualities of the raw material reach their full potential, giving life to a product still made in the traditional manner.

The production process

All our activities are based on time honoured traditional techniques, from the hand harvesting to the washing, milling and cold press extraction from the olives; guaranteeing a completely genuine, healthy and exceptional final product.

Online Sales

Our extra virgin olive oil can also be purchased online packaged in special containers: Take a look at our and order any of our products by filling in the correct form online.

Oleificio D'Ovidio – Extra virgin olive oil, quality that comes from three generations of experience

For the last three generations the Oleificio D'Ovidio at Lanciano in the province of Chieti has been producing excellent quality extra virgin olive oil. The scrupulously controlled production method ensures the raw material reaches its full potential giving life to a product that respects the finest traditions.

Our dedication, love and passion are the distinguishing features of the business and have always allowed us to create a superior quality oil which gives us immense satisfaction and is appreciated and acclaimed by our clients.

The Oleificio D'Ovidio bases its work methods on fundamental principles of good management which are:
• a careful selection of the olives;
• an integrated network of checks throughout the production process;
• an internal code system that guarantees the traceability of the finished product.

Anyone visiting us during the months of October, November and December will see the and also have the chance to sample our oils on bruschetta (toasted bread) together with other local products. Only when you taste the quality of our extra virgin oils will you appreciate that not all oils are the same.

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