From the tree... to the oil!

There are numerous stages between the hand harvesting of the olives to their cold pressing which are all essential for creating a high quality extra virgin olive oil; the undisputed king of the Mediterranean diet.

Discover how a traditional extra virgin olive oil is made by the Oleificio D'Ovidio at their mill in Lanciano, in the Chieti province: from harvest to washing right up to the milling and cold pressing of the olives. Our production process is based on a traditional method which guarantees the finest end product while being totally healthy and genuine.

Beginning in October and ending in January the harvest is a critical and delicate phase as the olives must be picked at the right moment to avoid spoiling. Even though it is costly and slow harvesting by hand is the best method because it ensures the olive arrives undamaged.
On our olive farm the harvesting has always done by hand or by combing where special wooden rakes are pulled along the branches, otherwise by the spontaneous falling of the ripened olives. These methods ensure that the oil will be without any organoleptic defects and have very low acidity.


Straight after harvesting, the olives are brought to our mill and prepared for pressing. The dust, twigs and leaves are cleaned away.
Once they have been washed in cold water they are passed over vibrating grills which eliminate the excess water and separate them from other impurities.

Before the process of pressing begins it is essential that the olives are carefully cleaned, eliminating any foreign bodies that could spoil the oil or put at risk it's shelf life.

The olives are minced to a uniform consistency by special machines without increasing the temperature at all because heat is the enemy when it comes to the quality of the oil.

This is the main reason why the Azienda Agricola D'Ovidio produces its extra virgin olive oil in the traditional method.

The milling process creates an even paste, which must not be either too fine or too coarse, in which fragments of the olive stone can still be felt.

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained in a single pressing which lasts about half an hour: the residue, known as pomace, is discarded after our processing and sent off for a different type of refining which results in a low grade oil which our company has decided not to produce owing to its lack of quality. The best extra virgin oil is, of course, that obtained by a single extraction. This is the reason why we can confidently state that the D'Ovidio extra-virgin olive oil is a product of excellence: its uncompromising quality is the result a more expensive method but it guarantees an absolutely genuine product with unique characteristics.